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USB 2.0 Memory Option

The transfer is always transparent in the USB 2.0 High Speed mode. If you want to connect mass storage devices at the remote part, the USB 2.0 memory option has to be activated. The remote unit use a internal USB 2.0 HUB, each of the 4 USB ports delivers 500mA.


The local part must be connected to a root hub on the PC. USB devices on the remote part must be directly connected without use of a hub. The achievable transmission rate is approximately 64 Mbit / sec.

Sound Option

Stereo transmission in CD quality
Resolution: 16 bit, 44.1 kHz
Line in / Line out
Microphone input on remote client with +20 dB boost function.

VGA Option

The VGA signal is converted to the local side to DVI and transmitted as DVI signal without any loss of quality. This ensures optimal image quality at any distance.

RS232 Option

V24 Serial Interface
Unlimited parity and number of bits
57600 baud maximum transfer rate
9-pin connector
Modem signals (Tx, Rx,DTR, CTS)

Switching Option
0039 0392912526
+39 3291768522