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kvm-tec smartline SVX2
dvi usb2.0 dual kvm extender

150m Distance
at 2x 1920 x 1200 resolution
without loss of quality
Full HD video performance
Double DVI extension
Transparent USB 2.0
Plug and Play installation
Two CAT5/6/7 cable required
Unbeatable price

•   Automatic Plug and Play installation
•   USB Keyboard / Mouse / Touch screen
•   Supports DDC / EDID monitor information
•   Local and remote monitorpair
•   Transparent USB 2.0 extension
•   Full HD 1080p 1920x1080 @ 60Hz
•   Compatible with all CAT5/6/7 cables
•   Flash firmware - upgradeable without cable
•   High reliability, rugged design
•   19 "rack mountable
•   Ultra compact: up to 4 channels in a 19" 1U
•   Sound and RS232 via external USB adapters
The Dual Smartline KVM Extender SVX2  is  optimized for state of the art signals such as DVI and USB. The transmission distance of 130m is completely lossless. The transparent USB 2.0  interface supports keyboard, mouse, tablets and touch screens, sound modules, printer, smartcard readers, serial adapters and more. Memory Stick / Harddisk support available by a switchable USB Memory option.
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