PE Video Line Converter Pro

On Screen Menu
Mouse operation
Light pen / mouse option
Perfect picture on LCD Monitor
Flicker free
Razor sharp
Colour Hardcopy
Low power consumption
Maintenance free
All-purpose, highly versatile

Suitable as a substitute for 15kHz industrial monitors via a converter with a modern LCD monitor

The PE line video converter was specially developed for industrial and power plant applications and has proven its value in thousands of installations.

The converter digitizes the input signal in RGB mode; caches the complete image and displays it in a video source independent format. In contrast to converters with single line cache, this method provides greater flexibility and can be use in a wide variety of situations.

Even non-standard resolutions are perfectly mapped on LCD monitors

Preset timings for ABB Mod 300, Altim ALCONT1 and ALCONT2, FOXBORO, HARTMANN & BRAUN Contronic P, Honeywell TDC3000, Measurex, SIEMENS Teleperm M, YOKOGAVA Alspa ZS Micro Z and many more

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